Corporate and Social Responsibility

Mison Construction Ltd is committed to balancing the company’s economic sustainability alongside its social and environmental responsibilities. Our respect for people encompasses treatment of our own employees, our interaction with the communities in which we operate, and our management of the relationships within our supply chain.

Equally fundamental is the care we take as a business, to nurture and protect the natural environment. 




 The success of our business is directly related to the continual investment we make in the development of our people.    

To ensure we are all fully prepared to carry out our duties we work to a comprehensive training programme; many of its health, safety and environmental elements are mandatory. All employees have personal development plans covering performance, aspirations, opportunities and training needs.



The role in local communities is an integral part of our business and we are proud of the communities we live, work and help to build. No matter how hard we try, we know that construction work can sometimes cause disturbance such as noise, dust, vibration and disruption to traffic. We are committed to ensuring those people who may be affected by our activities are always aware of what will be happening and that any inconvenience is minimised. 

Supply chain


 In managing our supply chain we actively seek to build enduring relationships, adopt a non-adversarial approach and create open and collaborative forms of working that deliver value for our clients and long term opportunities for our business. It is always our intention to trade reasonably and in full co-operation with our subcontractors and suppliers.   Increasingly we are providing information to our suppliers and subcontractors on our environmental expectations, particularly with regard to waste management.    



 We fully recognise our responsibility to manage the impact of our activities on the environment and are committed to good environmental practice. Full time, in-house advisors provide assistance and guidance in environmental matters, including the widespread use of environmental opportunity and risk assessments on all projects.   



As a privately owned business  we are committed to the highest standards in construction and service. We build quickly and efficiently while still maintaining exceptional quality standards. We believe our quality differentiates us from the competition which is why our Site Manager must also share these values.



Mison Construction Ltd have developed an Integrated Management System commensurate with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001 (Environmental), BS EN ISO 9001 (Quality) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety). In addition the requirements of ‘Safe-T-Cert’ Health & Safety accreditation.